Loose Promade Fans 8D – 200 Fans

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Wholesale price Loose Promade Fans 8D - 200Fans - Premium Quality Promade Loose Fans - VNLASHES
Wholesale price Loose Promade Fans 8D – 200Fans – Premium Quality Promade Loose Fans – VNLASHES

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  • False Eyelash Business: Collaborating with our false eyelash company will give your business access to high-quality products, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your profits by tapping into our established customer base
  • Eyelash Extensions Shop Ownership: Our high-quality false lashes are made from premium materials, ensuring a comfortable and natural-looking result for your clients, ultimately leading to increased repeat business and profits.
  •  Eyelash Extensions For Beginners: Our false eyelash maker is the perfect choice for beginners who want to save time. Our high-quality lashes are easy to apply, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. Trust us for a flawless look every time.
  •  Cosmetic Store: Looking to diversify your cosmetic offerings and increase profits? Choose our false eyelash company, where quality meets affordability. Our wide range of styles is sure to attract new customers and keep them coming back
  •  People to Start a Business: We offer a huge selection of premium products along with top-notch customer support. We are the ideal option for anyone trying to make their love of beauty into a lucrative career.

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    The Loose Promade Fans 8D  Eyelash Extensions are the ideal option for you if you’re trying to add some glitz to your regular appearance.

    These eyelash extensions are the ideal addition to any beauty regimen because of their lightweight and realistic construction.

    We will examine the Loose Promade Fans 8D Eyelash Extensions’ characteristics, advantages, and purchasing and shipping procedures in more detail in this product description.

    Advantages of the product Loose Promade Fans 8D – 200 Fans

    • Soft eyelashes, light, do not cause irritation.
    • Timesaving & convenient, and very easy to connect and use.
    • The lash extensions are handmade from the highest quality PBT Korean material.
    • Great for beginner, advanced, or professional lash artists with a variety of use.

    Product information

    A premium beauty product called Loose Promade Fans 8D Eyelash Extensions is created to offer your eyes a beautiful, natural look.

    These superior synthetic materials, which are lightweight, cozy to wear, and long-lasting, are used to make eyelash extensions.

    You can select the ideal length for your eyes from various lengths for the lashes, ranging from 8mm to 16mm.

    Product information Loose Promade Fans 8D - 200Fans - Premium Quality Promade Loose Fans - VNLASHES
    Product information Loose Promade Fans 8D – 200Fans – Premium Quality Promade Loose Fans – VNLASHES

      Buying Guidelines

    Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we back all of our products—including the Loose Promade Fans 8D Eyelash Extensions—with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

    Please get in touch with our customer support staff if there is any reason you aren’t content with your purchase; we’ll be happy to help.

     Shipping Guidelines

    All of our products are shipped promptly and with reliability. All orders are shipped 5-7 days after they are placed. Also, we provide international shipping to a few nations, with different shipping costs depending on the country.

      Ask and Answer about Relevant Subjects:

    Q: What is the lifespan of Loose Promade Fans 8D eyelash extensions?

    A: With the right maintenance and care, these eyelash extensions can last up to 4-6 weeks.

    Q: Can these eyelash extensions work with mascara?

    A: As mascara can clump and harm the eyelash extensions, we advise against using it with these extensions.

    Q: How do I take the false eyelashes off?

    A: To protect your natural lashes, we advise getting the eyelash extensions removed by a professional. If you decide to take them out yourself, carefully remove the extensions by dissolving the glue with a mild oil-based makeup remover.

    Q: Can sensitive eyes safely wear these eyelash extensions?

    A: Absolutely, these synthetic eyelash extensions are produced from premium materials that are hypoallergenic and suitable for eyes with delicate skin. However, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice if you develop any itchiness or discomfort.

    Loose Promade Fans 8D Eyelash Extensions. These eyelash extensions are the best choice for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty because they are lightweight, look realistic, and are easy to apply.

    Also, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. With high-quality products, order production is fast and reliable.

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    Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm

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    C, D


    10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 8mm, 9mm

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